Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why is Ben Belknap so happy?

As you can see by his facial expression fine artist Ben Belknap is feeling pretty good about the solid block of clay he just fired in the new TOKI KILN. In fact, Belknap has bragging rights to firing big hunks of clay since learning how to fire the TOKI KILN with the new s1, SMART Controller, which has a dedicated DRY CLAY feature along with a 51 hour bisque program for firing thick sculptural pieces. Follow along as the story unfolds on how he successfully fired a solid 25 pound block of clay. First, Belknap removed a chunk of porcelain clay from it's plastic bag, and placed it on a kiln shelf in the middle of the kiln. He then pressed the DRY CLAY button, and input 48 hours. After 24 hours the clay was still steaming off the 5 pounds of water contained in the block of clay. At the end of forty eight hours the clay was dry, and ready for firing. He set the kiln in the AUTO CONE FIRE mode on the 51 hour bisque fire setting, to Cone 05, 1888 F. He closed the lid, and pressed START. The s1 Smart controller took Belknap less than 12 seconds to program. You can see why he is so happy!

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